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Low of office building of 3 annulus first class rents southeast

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Property address: Low of office building of 3 annulus first class rents southeast
What belong to area county: Type of abundant stage area: Office building
Cover model: Without building time: 94
Area: Floor of 250 square metre: 8 buildings, in all 20
Hire: 10000 yuan / month payment: One season pays
Contact: Zhen Shi connects a telephone call: 88285638
Register time: 2007-2-28 8:21:01 E-mail:
Whether to close hire: Deny close hire a boy or girl friend:
Can deny day to hire: Deny daily hire: 1.6 yuan / day
Indoor facilities: Water, report, , , , , , , , , ,
Remarks: Southeast low of pure office building of center of city of gold of 3 link square bank 1.6 yuan / M2 is rental, brand-new clothbound repairs 256M2, first class property, along 3 annulus and subway 5, traffic is convenient, jockey free, suit lawyer, accountant particularly, study abroad the company of representative, technology, orgnaization that be stationed in Beijing need image good, savour high company to be entered, long hire privilege, connect a telephone call: 88285638, 81155393
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