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Boutique office Jiuding Town

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SOHO apartment is located in Chongqing, the magnetic core area of sand - child home bridge, the Area is the Chongqing municipal government in 2007 planned city center business district, a few minutes by car can reach Shapingba central area, close to the Millennium Project and the Red Rock town Ciqikou Spirit Square, backed by the city recreation Heights Geleshan, Sichuan and Western foreign policy in the subsequent two universities, tourist resources, recreational resources and academic resources of three unique city brings a lot of resources to bring the project is not popular assess business opportunities. Jiuding names have three core traffic: more than 20 bus lines throughout the city network, means Red Street subway line and Chaotianmen Unicom University City; water bus to become the new hot spot of the Tour. Highways, waterways, rail traffic built a three core dimensional transportation network, can quickly reach the city. The total area of 100 mu, total construction area of about 24 Articles, U.S. House by the city, young apartments, platinum, titanium degrees Youth SOHO and retro style commercial street of four parts. Me a house, "Bronze Age" in the opening week of September, a record that sold out the hot records, which are now being sold is an amount of 4 Articles of urban lifestyle in general MALL - Jiuding Red Street (Forum Photos apartment Comments Map Search Open House) 2 city blocks and is currently being registered in the appointment of platinum titanium degrees Youth SOHO apartments, Commercial Street facade has a strong personality and overall presentation of the "L" shaped layout, 一号 Street and II Street up to 400 meters from the street to the business landscape in the organic integration of a total of four, mostly between 30 ~ 40O Wang Pu composition, which combines elements of traditional and modern commercial business model, a high degree of collection of food, drink, be merry , living and shopping and other functions, will be introduced for collecting the unusual collection, customs Bar Street, dynamic entertainment, features Food and many other formats. Supplemented by large area of the mall, will be the introduction of large food and beverage brands and thousands of square meters of large supermarkets and specialty hotels, so as to promote the development of a lot, greatly enhance the commercial value of this region. Project is to launch following the "Bronze Age" after the degree of youth titanium platinum SOHO apartments, located in the Red Street 2, Street 3, and 4th floors, and the commercial street of organic integration of a large package of small size, low price and high quality features, from the 25-50 square meters of medium and hardcover form, some 4.5 m storey mezzanine SOHO, especially for young people advocates the freedom and personal style, only 60 seats, so you share the community swimming pool, original mountain park, compound Commercial Street, supermarkets, brand catering, special hotels, specialized stores, it is sufficient with more than 700 parking spaces. Well-developed transportation network system, various life support, to facilitate the life of leisure ... ... so you can get in serious.