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Buy secondhand Fang Xiaotie person: Religion you are secondhand 3 paces check ro

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What the first pace should do is to ask the bargainor offers lawful certificate, include certificate of property right certificate, identity document, qualification and other certificate.

Property right certificate is to point to " building droit card " and " land access card " . Identity document is to point to Id, employee's card and booklet of registered residence. Qualificatory certificate is to point to check trade the main body qualification of bilateral party. For example: Commodity house sells should check sell square building develops management qualification certificate; Agent should check acting a power of attorney effective; Share a building to sell, need offers the certificate that other and mutual person agrees with to wait a moment. Other credentials is to point to: Rental house property, should check tenant to abandon preferential the agreement that buys right or proof; House property of win a prize in a lottery, want to check requisition of win a prize in a lottery and corresponding proof to wait.

The 2nd pace is the origin that checks place to buy estate property right to concerned estate management department.

1 . Who is house-owner, if be mutual belongings, the property right scale that should notice each share a person and have authority form; 2. Archives article date, namely the file number that this an administrative unit in Xizang trades, if inquire person the hope obtains full share document, can take to concerned respect according to this number read this file copy; 3. The date that register, this date signs date for what trade this; 4. Clinch a deal the price, namely this trade clinch a deal valence, if clinch a deal,the person that inquire should notice valence is to make clear " the part clinchs a deal valence " , clinch a deal on behalf of this valence includes this building only not simply, and include other estate finished product; 5. Other content, wait like building plan.

The 3rd pace is to check a building to have without debt load.

The authenticity that record of building property right registered house-owner to have property right only and primitive clinch a deal fact. Managing the liability that produces in the process and responsibility as to this building, must check concerned proof. Include: The contract that guaranty borrows money, lease, specified amount of loan of even detailed knowledge and repay the forehead is spent, the amount of accrual and hire, have greatly knowledge to this house property thereby. Additional, the content that the person that buy a house still wants to understand has: What buy a room to have whether be closed down to wait by the court without guaranty, building.

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