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Can be gold of the intent that buy a house retreated?

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After making gold of the intent that buy a house, if buyer changes an idea to count beak a contract, doesn't intent gold grant to return? Recently, touching summer gentleman was immersed in filial piety in such dispute.

Eve, summerly gentleman introduces, he is in Chinese work old, dream to be able to buy a house in Wuhan all the time. In June the middle ten days of a month, he to Dun mouth developing zone company of intermediary of one house property is registered buy secondhand room. At the beginning of July, the staff member introduced the house of a 90 more than square metre, satisfaction is compared after he sees a room, according to the staff member the requirement made gold of 5000 yuan of intent, signed entrust the contract that buy a house. The staff member says, when be like, do not want to buy a house, will return intent gold.

One week later, the staff member says house-owner cannot be contacted, introduced the house of a 80 more than square metre for summerly gentleman again, ask for so that he agrees, turn gold of 5000 yuan of intent to this room. After a few days, gentleman of company arrangement summer works to the other place, he explains to the staff member of short duration does not buy a house, the requirement returns intent gold. But the staff member says, summerly gentleman beak a contract is prior, intent gold cannot be returned.

Reporter with this intermediary subsequently company poplar surnames clerk connection, she says, the contract that summerly gentleman and company sign sets, once house-owner agrees to press the condition that buys a person to sell a house, must buy a person, count beak a contract otherwise. Classics is harmonious, yesterday afternoon, intermediary company calls a reporter, say to already was reached with summerly gentleman consistent, return Yu Benzhou intent gold.

The reporter understands, wuhan is at present secondhand widespread presence hands in room market " intent gold " thing. Office of Hubei Yang Yang's attorney Qin Yuhai's lawyer expresses to this, in laws and regulations of law of national concerned estate, only " deposit " or " bail " , not " intent gold " say, this is the paronomasia that business of house property intermediary plays actually just. He reminds, the Ying Shen before the person that buy a house makes a decision is heavy, had better ask professional personage to guard a pass.