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In a limited time consignment sale contract

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Entrust in a limited time era sells a contract
Contract number
Entrust square: (Party A of the following abbreviation) Id date ___________________________
Be commissioned square: Limited company of broker of estate of the city in Suzhou (below abbreviation Party B)
Course of both sides of armour, second is friendly talk things over, concern law, administrative regulations and Suzhou city according to People's Republic of China the regulation of relevant local laws and regulations, the following contract is signed on the foundation of lawful, equal, mutual trust, affirmatory and collective abide by:
The first: The building is main circumstance:
1, the building that all Party A will be lawful at the area is located, building droit certificate (word) state-owned land uses letter (word _______ date) (the following abbreviation " this building " ) , entrust Party B to sell, make sure offerred information is true and significant;
2, this building is main circumstance: Property floor of droit person room front
Room of double energy of life of sheet of structure of total number of plies age gross area (build / plan hire)
This building decorates each part area reach form a complete set establishment
The 2nd: Contract deadline:
Era sells deadline to be ____ month, come from date date; During this inside, party A also can seek buyer by oneself, if clinch a deal, by this contract the agreement deals with relevant formalities, pay relevant intermediary fee.
The 3rd: Sale price:
1, just talk things over via Jia Yishuang, the generation of this building sells the price: RMB (great) (this price includes _______________________________________________________ ) .
2, the building sells what what contain decorate, form a complete set, accessary establishment:
________________________________________________________ .
The 4th: Pay between two parties service fee:
1, this building is during consignment sale work off, sign " building business contract " when, armour direction Party B pays to clinch a deal actually the 1 % of the price serves cost as intermediary, if intermediary serves cost under 1000 yuan, pay according to 1000 yuan.
2, entrust deadline full this building is unsold, party B pays Party A RMB ______________ yuan the compensate when making in the limit of pays.
The 5th: Party A responsibility
1, Party A should offer the following document to Party B:
(1) the property right card of this building (or the contract that rent) original reachs his relevant certificate.
(2) the Id of property right person or tenant, registered permanent residence this photocopy.

(3) armour direction Party B offers certificate and article to fall: .
2, after building work off, because Party A cannot satisfy following case to cause this contract to cannot be fulfilled, inspect with break a contact; Be like cause " room
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