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Buy secondhand the room looks to whether have property right card

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Mr Wang bought 3 years ago secondhand room, he wants to sell this house nowadays, discover the house does not have property right card however. Original already the item of negotiate, can become invalid only. Nowadays, he already suffer from is not contacted on the owner with former building, what fear this does not have property right card again is secondhand the room sells do not go out.

The room that shares wiring is in charge of Wu Yuanhang of section chief of division of bureau property right to remind, buy secondhand room, want to see a house that should buy whether already obtained property right evidence above all. Relevant law sets, did not obtain the house of property right card to must not be made over. Purchaser should see building property card is complete, whether to belong to the building that allows to sell, whether does floor area agree with the area that tags on property right card. Carry intermediary transaction, see building property even whether is the person signed with intermediary orgnaization entrust the contract that sell. Finally, know building property even whether the person is already year full the 18 one full year of life, natural person that has legal action capacity, whether to share with other, whether does both sides of husband and wife agree to sell, the building has without other debt or dispute, have without guaranty. Whether is the house-owner on card of building property right same individual with person selling a house, if not be, still needing to understand them is what relation, whether a power of attorney or notarial deed wait.

In addition, inspect a sector of an area, environment, price and building construction, ventilated, pattern, daylighting and property management even, the property management that provides to country and province property regulation serves cost, whether did owner already fulfil obligation.