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Secondhand room loan contract

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Secondhand room loan contract
Contract size (No):DK

Entrust square: (Party A of the following abbreviation) Id date:
Act as agent square: Limited company of broker of estate of the city in Suzhou (Party B of the following abbreviation)
Jia Yishuang just concerns law, administrative regulations and Suzhou city according to People's Republic of China the regulation of relevant local laws and regulations, and the relevant provision of loan bank, this contract is signed on the foundation of equal, freewill, mutual trust.
The first: The building is main circumstance
1, the building that Party A will repose at the area (the following abbreviation " this building " ) entrust Party B to handle loan, make sure offerred information is true and significant, property right clarity, without dispute, without guaranty.
2, building property: Droit person: Room: Floor area: Square metre (with property right card / room this getting on the floor area that register is accurate) . Floor: Total number of plies: Land property: Sell one's own things / transfer is accessary establishment:

The 2nd: Loan agreement
1, Party A approbates this building to be appointed to loan bank evaluate a company to undertake assessment.
2, Party A entrusts Party B to buy this building to handle formal loan for its.
3, amount of loan of Party A application is rectified 10 thousand yuan for the RMB (great) , loan fixed number of year is year. (loan specified amount is spent examine and approve eventuate finally to allow with the bank with loan fixed number of year)
The 3rd: Head pay relevant agreement
1, Party A should be rectified 10 thousand yuan at a this building period money RMB before date (great) hand in grant Party B, offer all sorts of relevant prooves and certificate. Party A carries insurance cost at signing the beard when this contract to pay loan to Party B, add up to RMB yuan whole.
2, a period money that if Party A needs Party B to be its,place of this building loan needs pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, criterion Party A needs Xiang Yi to just hand in poundage of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later when signing this contract (amount heads the 3 % of amount of period money pay for sb and expect to be repaid later) , add up to RMB yuan whole. And Party A acceptance should remand by following agreements a period fund total fund that Party B is its pay for sb and expect to be repaid later:

The 4th: Bilateral responsibility
1, Party A entrusts Party B to provide assistance to this building of one's own accord building change the name of owner in a register serves.
2, what Party A must assure an all sorts of offerred data and proof is true, reliable, lawful, effective. If loan bank investigates its place to offer content of material, proof not to belong to fact or its financial condition to be caused not quite,borrow money not if really, party A needs to bear corresponding responsibility and pecuniary loss, party B place receives loan poundage not to grant to return.
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