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Near future room borrows new breed

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Secure interest rate the room is borrowed

Roll out a bank: Smooth big bank, construction bank, action merchant bank

This is the near future most the house that gets attention borrows one of products. Inside loan time limit, no matter how does bank interest rate change, borrower pays interest the fixed interest rate that agrees according to the contract, won't change because of interest rate and change reimbursement number. On this foundation, 3 family property taste the smooth big bank, bank that enrol business, construction bank to differ somewhat.

The room borrows pair of Zhou Gong

Roll out a bank: Shenzhen development bank

The individual mortgages loan by every months of traditional reimbursement instead is returned two weeks every paragraph, every time the in part that reimbursement specified amount supplies reimbursement specified amount for former month. Compare pattern of traditional the reimbursement that press a month, "Double Zhou Gong " increased reimbursement frequency, can accelerate the rate that puts in gold of repayment of capital 's charge, increasing borrower basically every months thereby place is reduced to return interest specified number and reimbursement amount below the circumstance of reimbursement burden, shorten reimbursement deadline.

Loan of straight customer form

Roll out a bank: Bank of Bank of China, the people's livelihood, construction bank, smooth big bank

The bank lends the money that buy a house to the person that buy a house directly, the total house money that the bank loan that allows the person that buy a house to paragraph head pays and obtain his room adds in is one-time the loan mode that pays development dealer. The person that buy a house can choose to have the bank of this business freely; Can enjoy discount of the lump-sum payment that buy a house (inspect different item and decide) ; The retaining fee that exempts the formalities such as qualification of loan of the person that the lawyer examine and verify that development business place appoints buys a house; Absolve insurance premium defray (inspect different bank, item and calm) ; Loan rate is rapid. But compare with other product photograph, threshold of application of loan of straight customer form is higher.

Period of extend a time limit still is borrowed

Roll out a bank: Shanghai bank wait

After individual housing loan extends, inside the certain period that agrees in the contract, borrower needs every months to pay interest only, of short duration does not remand loan principal. After waiting for wide deadline to end, extend to loan the capital waiting for the forehead that amount agrees by the contract or means of principal and interest waiting for the forehead repay captital with interest.

Shift is combined the room is borrowed

Roll out a bank: Bank of the people's livelihood wait

This is a kind of more agile housing that appears this year mortgages means. This kinds of room borrows way, the domestic income condition that allows a client to be aimed at different period and individual invest conduct financial transactions to be used to, the reimbursement plan of custom-built individuation. It is inside reimbursement period, reimbursement means still can be adjusted at any time. Facilitating usurer anticipates according to his income, adjust oneself reimbursement pattern neatly. Compare with photograph of means of principal and interest waiting for the forehead, mobile combination room is borrowed save expenses of one part interest possibly still. Because reimbursement total time is fixed, the month with reimbursement accordingly inferior amount is more, pressure of later period reimbursement can be jumped over big.
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