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Buy office building to want careful trap

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Have a client, my follow-up time of two years, she asks to buy the office building of a more than 100 square metre in more beautiful area, administration fee must follow the house about the same, cannot exceed 5 yuan / square metre, the price is in 5000 - 6000 multivariate / square metre. The market control cost that I had analysed office building with her is very difficult compare with residential photograph, the mainest is administration fee includes central air conditioning commonly, the administration fee value that contains central air conditioning is in commonly 18 - 30 yuan differ. Be in 5000 yuan in price of more beautiful region at present / the office building that square metre controls is more inchoate office building for the most part, contain central air conditioning, administration fee is taller also. So I that client searched two years to was not found.

In last week my old client calls to my complain tearfully, she bought to take the office building that is less than house property card likely, ask I help her think how method is handled. This client now is handle official bussiness in the residence, because uptodate floor price is higher and higher, the owner that she rents the house should sell the house piece, she must be taken away inside this year. She looked for company of much home intermediary to help look for office building, among them the building of a skirt that an intermediary company introduced to be located in Zhongshan road to go up to her, administration fee a few yuan / square metre, have the subway again, she looked to be decided, signed subscribe book and the deposit that made 10 % with owner immediately.

The person of this intermediary company says with the client this is skill building, owner gave house property card to be able to turn immediately renown. Former now owner prepares to give house property evidence, about 180 days can give evidence, requirement client must make a period house money of 90 % first. Owner provided a few data to the client, the house property disease that still spreads downstair trade looks to the client, the proof can give house property evidence.
I help a client had checked this building to already built a few years, development business has been absent, in having, close check and accept qualificatory certificate, be in with present owner when development business exists room canal bureau has put on record. The data that the fellow worker that I sought section of card of our company advantageous position for this client has examined owner place to offer can handle house property card. Although dismiss the worry besides the client, but risk or some, if owner gave house property,the client does not inform after card and again pass on sells the 2nd, then sequential client is met loss the house money of 90 % .

This case hopes to everybody one reminds, buy real skill please office building or secondhand the office building that has house property card. Skill office building has department of carry out building commonly, the meeting in ministry of building of general carry out has open to booking licence, or the actual strength that knows development business, with development business autograph is made an appointment with. Do not want to be bought to other transferrer, because the room is in charge of bureau reject a complaint to open to booking card to make over now, unless development business appears personally,interior turns renown (when tubal bureau has not dealt with average room to counterpoise truly) . And must check in the light of two hand office building book, check the authenticity of owner and house property card. Deposit of general buying and selling is the 20 % that do not outstrip total building fund, head period building fund increases deposit is not to exceed 30 % . Secondhand trade bureau of successful house canal can give to accept receipt, see receipt just spends a period building money, hand in pay taxes change the name of owner in a register to become a gift end period building fund gives at the same time owner ability ensures his interest is safe.
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