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Secondhand house business is chosen mostly mortgage buy a house

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Secondhand residential market with medium income live oneself the person that buy a house is in the majority, economic capacity is finite, the phenomenon of money of one-time paid house is not much, accordingly, much is secondhand the room buys room personage to be able to choose to mortgage buy a house. Add up to introduction of personage of major of rich buy course of study, from this company 1-10 month becomes friendship condition to look this year, mortgage means to finish trade to still take the main aspect, be in more 60% above.
According to introducing, buyer is in after signing deal agreement, can choose a bank to sign loan cooperation agreement to it. But the person that the bank applies for to mortgage to each without obligation extends loan, however the financial condition circumstance according to fixed number of year of loan amount, loan and application usurer, whether does judgement extend to its loan. Some meetings fail to obtain loan because of reason of buyer individual financial condition, there was not an agreement at this point again in produce this kind of situation and buying room contract, the person that the bargainor can ask to buy a house more is one-time paid house money, be like cannot of paid house money, criterion buyer will undertake corresponding responsibility of breach of contract.

Professional personage thinks, want to avoid after the event to produce issue, bring about oneself rights and interests to be damaged, this kind of loan that appears possibly does not win the case that the bank approves, buyer should come to an agreement with the bargainor in the contract that buy a house. For instance, increase in the contract " the loan application that the bank does not agree with to buy the home, how should remove contract, assume legal responsibility by who " wait for a clause. Current, in the light of the loan that buys the home application does not win the case that the bank approves, basically have the following kinds of common processing kind: 1, conventional the buying party borrows money like unavailable bank, the bargainor agrees to remove agreement, and go back already received money. This kind of means is the most advantageous to buyer. 2, the bargainor agrees to remove agreement, but confiscate its deposit. This is the most means in be being operated actually. 3, instead lump-sum payment.

Buyer can shift to an earlier date according to him circumstance protocol plan, but must talk things over with the bargainor before paying deposit and reach consensus. If when already paid deposit or head after period money, when loan be rejectioned by the bank, ability and bargainor are communicated very passive, obtain advantageous to oneself negotiation very hard also plan