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Bank power is insufficient and secondhand the room trades capital is mandatory e

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Inside period of time, mandatory trade with the not mandatory room that put an amount will coexist. Yesterday, shenzhen development bank and orgnaization of this locality intermediary add up to rich buy course of study to sign secondhand the room trades capital superintends cooperative agreement, become Guangzhou since this year the 3rd participates in a building to trade capital is mandatory the commercial bank of business.
According to deep development and the cooperative agreement that close rich buy trade, trade in the building after both sides signs business contract, will trade from buyer the independent account that capital stocks a bank to appoint, the application after dealing with change the name of owner in a register to buyers and sellers delimits turn capital arrives individual account of the bargainor, the tripartite appropriate that whole process bank all regards independence as trades surely capital. Chief of retail bank department represents Shenzhen development bank, stock the money that buy a house to begin from buyer, the bank gets involved superintend, get trading affirming to delimit after information turn relevant money, include a building paragraph, commission and the bail that reach a floor.
Course of study of Shenzhen culmination buy, endless flow is landed last year a money crisis that waits for intermediary company up to now still remain fresh in one's memory. To put an end to future trouble, at the beginning of this year, guangdong province builds hall make known to lower levels " the urgent announcement that manages about strengthening estate broker further " , broker of estate of formulary complete province is same do not get acting money controlling a house; Estate broker must be assisted trade bilateral proper motion turns through the bank the means consign such as Zhang buys house fund, provide an operation how-to provide testimony service as tripartite.
But, before this, guangzhou only Guangdong developed bank and bank of the people's livelihood to sign relevant mandatory agreement, other bank did not show more enthusiasm. Yesterday, service of intermediary of bureau of natural resources of Guangzhou city land manages a controller to admit, intermediary capital is mandatory since 2 many months push the work slow, advocate if each side is right this job knowledge is insufficient.
The estate attorney Liu Ziru with famous Shenzhen is right " daily of the first finance and economics " express: "Shenzhen has not defined the mandatory bank of intermediary capital formally at present, inside period of time, mandatory trade with the not mandatory room that put an amount will coexist. Mandatory trade with the not mandatory room that put an amount will coexist..
Liu Ziru thinks, to the bank, below the case that dismisses completely in poundage, what the bank may get is to mortgage business and client natural resources partly only; The bail reaching a floor of 10 thousand yuan of less than identifies such as really transfer will be compared trival; Additional, still need special manpower, material resources to participate in in the superintendency respect of fund use, the bank still will assume superintendency responsibility and capital risk.
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