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Secondhand the room trades relevant little knowledge

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Agree duty: 1.5% (floor area exceeds 140 square metre press 3% pay) stamp duty: 0.05% cost of production (set according to each area)
Bargainor: Stamp duty 0.05%
3, the issue that the bargainor pays about business tax
1, all houses that the individual buys housing to resent 5 years sell, must pay clinch a deal the forehead the sum business tax of 5.5%
2, the average house that the individual buys housing more than 5 years sells, need not pay business tax
3, the blame that the individual buys housing more than 5 years is common the residence sells, the margin that must pay the original bill that buy a house cost of room of subtractive cash purchase the business tax of 5.5%
The standard that ★ affirms to the building belongs to average house has at 3 o'clock:
(1) ratio of volume of residential village building is in 1 (contain) above
(2) sheet covers floor area to be in 140 (contain) square metre is the following
(3) clinch a deal actually valence under trade on average with the housing on level land the price 1.2 times the following.
4, be in about the bargainor trade the pays possibly other tax fee in the process is with each area regulation accurate

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