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Secondhand the room trades golden bank superintends deep development freely " he

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Long-term since, secondhand the room trades the safe problem of capital is bad-mouth of place of the person that buy a house all the time, cause thereby trade dispute also sees Zhu Baoduan ceaselessly. Nevertheless, this kind of concern of the person that buy a house later will be eliminated. Since yesterday, the Guangzhou that combines rich buy line of business is secondhand the room trades what the client all can enjoy Shenzhen to develop a bank to offer is secondhand the room trades capital superintends a service. This second collaboration is Guangzhou secondhand the room trades capital superintends break through again.

Shenzhen develops a bank " head eat crab "

As we have learned, shenzhen development bank is Guangzhou first have whole town site to deal with capital to superintend the bank that waits for business inside Guangzhou branch administer. The basis closes the cooperative agreement of rich buy course of study and deep development, after the both sides that trades in the building signs business contract, will trade from buyer the independent account that capital stocks a bank to appoint, the application after dealing with change the name of owner in a register to buyers and sellers delimits turn capital arrives the whole process of individual account of the bargainor, the tripartite appropriate that the bank all regards independence as trades surely capital. Trade the service limits that capital superintends includes lump-sum payment, mortgage pay wait for a variety of forms, the specific flow that orgnaization of the actual condition that the client can trade according to oneself and bank, intermediary agrees capital is superintended and means.

Combine rich buy line of business Yu Hao of Pan of vise general manager discloses, according to the regulation, exceed room value the deposit of 1% also is equal trade capital, should by tripartite bank mandatory, and did not exceed can come to an agreement according to both sides, trade directly can.

Superintendency business does not collect fees

As secondhand the room trades the flaw problem that capital superintends appears ceaselessly, house of town of Guangzhou of the beginning of the year is in charge of bureau and branch of people bank Guangzhou to combine dispatch this year, prohibit direct or indirect generation stops estate broker orgnaization or broker staff govern on somebody's behalf secondhand the room trades capital, at the same time the regulation trades both sides can entrust a bank to trading capital undertakes mandatory.

Begin secondhand the room trades the favour that capital is superintended is each win-win undoubtedly, but the process trades after the citizen pays close attention to a bank to superintend likewise much a doorsill, whether to make trade speed slows, increase trade charge?

To this, deep development expresses about chief, according to the regulation, bank to secondhand the room trades capital superintendency business does not collect fees, buyers and sellers needs a face to sign the portion and one deep development, all directions fund that combines rich buy line of business to superintend an agreement to be able to enter conduction technological process only. Its deal with time to basically see buyers and sellers trade the time of change the name of owner in a register, do not exceed 7 ~ 10 days commonly. (Beautiful jade of Sha of Yuan Feng collect)
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