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Buy secondhand the detail that the room cannot ignore

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More and more buy course of study person begin to choose secondhand the first selection that the room regards him as buy course of study. Secondhand room photograph compares skill room besides the price low besides, the biggest gain still depends on its advantage showing a house, purchaser is bought namely live namely, special save effort, but house property expert admonishs consumer, be in secondhand in the link that the room trades, paying close attention to detail often is to avoid to trade the crucial place of the risk, especially fund of village property management, communal maintenance, car etc trade the 3 big questions such as detail are ignored the most easily.

Property meets test cannot carelessness

The discretion of property level of management affects in the future living quality directly, buying secondhand in the process of the room if oversight the property government case that is in a village, a lot of troubles may be caused after be being entered.

The attention answers when meeting test: Is consistent; The key whether already consign; Whether is number of water and electricity, gas meter checked etc. Additional, answer to handle close an account of conduction property administration fee to property management after signing a contract, time should allow with handing in a room to be that day, deal with property to receive a procedures even at the same time. Second outside, still should enquire have without owner committee, and the actual composition personnel of owner committee is stable wait.

Communal maintenance fund should talk things over

Encounter communal maintenance fund to whether answer when buyers and sellers signs an agreement by when buying the home to pay, normally settling way is talk things over by buyers and sellers solve, general meeting has 4 kinds of processing techniques:

Owner can give a client postpone of free of communal maintenance fund, this is secondhand the room trades in the commonnest practice.

Course of buyers and sellers talks things over, bear this cost jointly by client and owner, namely 50% what the client pays pay of former owner place fee of communal maintenance fund.

Buyers and sellers pays communal maintenance fund fee by certain proportion through talking things over. Scale formula is: (Fixed number of year of building property right - former owner place buys building and the time difference that sell a house) fixed number of year of ÷ building property right.

Owner does not agree with postpone of free of fund of will communal maintenance to give a client, also do not want to partake with the client in proportion this charge, so if the person that buy a house buys this flatlet house, the fee of fund of this communal maintenance that when needing to assume former owner to buy a house at the outset, pays.

Car it is clear that the problem makes an on-the-spot investigation

Have car gens, buying secondhand the car inside the village understands even when the room circumstance. Now some cars have property right, some has access only.
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