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The opposite sex hires room old practice: Hire an elder brother to closing of 99

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Hope to the laugh that young woman student chuckles comes out in the door of the dirt lock of the move, I hate Deyagen to itch continuously.

The opposite sex that mixed dirt is a model closes hire, just began much more perfect ah, I cook come he washs a bowl, he pulls the ground to come I wash clothes, but, since this fellow spent birthday 25 years old, wear with respect to be favored with of be favored with should look for a girlfriend, as expected, a week sees, I absolutely not exaggerative. Of course, he hands in a girlfriend my unfeignedly feels glad for him, but, he what handed in a girlfriend forgot he regards this home as the obligation of male host right-down, is the floor staying to let me brush? Daydream!

I beat his door ferociously, ground of his one face astounded is opened, the fawn on of canthus laughs to all had not counted attack by surprise. My face fishily hands 500 yuan of his money: The chummage of next month.

He wishs to roll out me the door goes: When do you pay rent punctual over- ? Unluckily is this today's moment handed in?

I hum went out.

The door returns aloud to shut than me, I bend over outside the door, listen to them what saying.

ground of smiling face of dirt Xi skin: Be provide timely help really, the Mp3 that you like, have show! It is little next unfavorable clear sound. My outside the door Leng Ma, to oneself personal feeling was in power to hand in regret of chummage of a month ahead of schedule not reach.

Does the dirt that I mix meet much girl? Add up even hand area base completely anyway of insufficient also number. Play together in one's childhood big, go to school together again next- - because he is bigger than me one year old always is tall accordingly my grade, I ever begged him to leave one class to wait me a moment, does he encourage me to say you are so clever jump didn't one class go? I had tried hard, but still abandoned finally, so, graduate till the university, he is earlier than me still a year.

My university graduates, move politely into the building that he leases, act on one's own it is chummage me surely can susceptive maximum price: 500 yuan. Although be nodded less, but enough alleviates his economic pressure, and, still can partake with him housework! This slow-witted melon one'ses mind disturbed a bit apparently, but the condition that he attached in my side side to put forward him immediately, warn me: Do less than wanting that ask " surely win guest " oh! I ask in reply: If are you done,arrive? dirt says: Same. Think over and over be like harm of pair of him it doesn't matter, agree willingly then. on dirt horse from downhearted turn into overjoyed, got together one desk dish enthusiasticly celebrate me to make a society for me new person.

Eat a meal in the evening, we watch TV on sofa together.

Look at his jade to cultivate the likelihood that faces wind, see the good look of jasper of a pair of my small home again, I sigh to say: We are held out actually match, if we are a pair, admire evil spirit how many crazy male complain female ah!

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