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City life cries out: Hire " of absurd of the room, " that buy a house to go!

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The inferior cement that whether oneself still belong to after knowing 70 years for one caboodle piece, by the modernest honor on others coronal -- " Fang Nu " , some answers to enjoy in abandoning the life, leave oneself hobby, dare not find new job, dare not fall ill, dare not marry, dare not give birth to the child, dare not talk with the boss gruffly, am I worth while?

I am not the economist with marvelous what, also not be from course of study at estate the big alligator boss of this group, I am an everyday crop common people only, I analyse a problem impossibly from profound economic domain, impossible also to explain present room city with the mood of senior personage inside course of study, I do not understand!

The word says again, scan widely whole world is afraid also can stand without who, patting chest to say " I understand " , and use a fact will prove he understands really. All sorts of economic character embark upon a political venture called out how many years, it is fair nevertheless say public put in order, mother-in-law says the mother-in-law is justifiable, call respective play severally, ceaseless hype just!

I know a thing: "I the time with this crop common people has thought a bit better! "I the time with this crop common people has thought a bit better!!

Money eats fully everyday full, dish has the flesh to have a fruit; A bought clothes, now and then firm is cruel-hearted also buy bit of famous brand the give presents wife of what (Xi Xi) ; Often exercise, the flower must rise go to a park taking a walk, the money that goes to a suburb climbing; Fell ill to be drawn out a money that see a doctor; Have the child the taken money that gives education; On holidays has father and mother of abundant money give presents; Lie between still can come out 35 years brigade swim of what.

Only this just!

Regard the common white-collar of the big city of count as one of the best of a whole nation as laborer, what exorbitant life should this be to enjoy pursuit?

But reality is breaking me ceaselessly however the little caution of this kind of nobody wishs, make it become more and more within sight but beyond reach.

And the culprit is -- house!

Everybody knows: Basic necessities of life, it is the thing with inseparable life of our common people, especially this lives.

The sheds an a few chiliad provincialism on Chinese land wants namely " the person that reside has its house " , spoken parts in an opera is " the house that the brother thinks to have his " !

But present factual proof: Won'ted do!

Cost the saving of half century meets two acting people nevertheless of a house head period, assume the liability of below half century again next, worth while?

What a big alligator of famous Feng surname real estate says is good: "The person that becomes room slave they are ask for it! Their have only oneself to blame! (former word is written down not clear, probably this meaning) "

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