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House property intermediary is hit fold " to open brake " secondhand room " jump

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The reporter understands from company of on Shanghai a few big intermediary, opposite in October the corresponding period, secondhand in November room house whole clinchs a deal the quantity increases about 10% . Nevertheless, more and more trading that passing intermediary and not be fluctuation home between " direct contact " finish. Real estate of the main rooms that occupy a net is secondhand the room trades platform statistic, want to discharge intermediary to expend and " jump odd " the scale that trades by oneself has fallen to 20% less than. Market personage is analysed, the main reason that creates this one appearance is secondhand the room makes over the cost of a lot of tax in link, program to let a person feel to have a headache, and of intermediary company " bale operation " OK however many trouble of dispense with buyers and sellers. At the same time the intense competition between intermediary, make company of a few intermediary was hit on intermediary cost " depreciate card " , this also reduced the cost that entrusts intermediary service further undoubtedly.

Province penny fears causing big trouble

In the past, a few person that buy a house feel intermediary representative cost is high, can think method to jump over intermediary, fluctuation home talks things over to be finished jointly see a room, do card, change the name of owner in a register, hand in duty to wait whole trade program, this is custom of industry of house property intermediary those who say " jump odd " means. A few years ago, "Jump odd " proportion is very high, some area are achieved even 40% . And now, according to statistic of the estate on the net, pass intermediary buy a room to achieve 83%-85% into double ratio exemple.

Be engaged in the lawyer introduction that house property law serves for a long time according to, "Jump odd " trade not tall to amount Xiaofang trade the risk is less, if be total prices taller in high-grade residence criterion the risk is very high. In the case that individual privately clinchs a deal, mostly contract agreement is simple, it is to have verbal commitment only even, once touch,go up the problem such as property right, save the penny below to be able to become endless marijuana irritated. For instance, after some buys the home to buy next houses, the registered permanent residence that discovers a bargainor unexpectedly not change goes; When buyer sees a room, if have staff of normal intermediary company attendant, seasoned intermediary, connect regular meeting to speak a few flaws of this room according to the facts, the wall outside be like is met sometimes ooze water, the room between where does not bask in the sun to wait a moment.

"Jump odd " sad " close key closes "

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, the house property nowadays trades the program is more complex, put on record on need net, register on the net, all sorts of different tax cost wait consign a moment, these intermediary orgnaizations that need major will do, the individual manages very hard clear main threads of an affair. Additional, different deadline is different of the type secondhand the room has different duty to expend policy, want to consider this Zhang clear not easy. A controller of company of a large intermediary tells a reporter, with the room age inside 5 years secondhand the room is exemple, the bargainor needs to pay the duty such as value added tax of business tax, land, individual income tax fee, more complex. In secondhand the room trades in, intermediary company a few reasonable " petty action " also can be leave out of the person that buy a house many charge.

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