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Secondhand room intermediary is faced with live shrink of salary of crisis manag

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Because town of near future building is small,confuse, shop of Lou Panlin street gives birth to Na Mou of highway of industry of sea bead region formerly 7 of meaning flourishing secondhand room intermediary goes, already two closed the door, cut down the member of persons employed decrease the phenomenon such as firewood to had been shown in intermediary is big. Now, secondhand room intermediary personage constant " sheet is little, it is more difficult to want Baobendoubi now " hang on the mouth, secondhand room intermediary is faced with all right " the concern that breaks rice " live the crisis.

Current, the intermediary travel majority that close down is capital have enough to meet need does not pass, shop is in 10 the following small companies, because embellish of before 9 monthly interest is rich and generous, many intermediary are sent all right hope to rely on this to last 2 months, spring Festival hind decides a plan again. Bureau of canal of room of Guangzhou city land discloses about chief, because the element such as Shenzhen culmination incident is affected, guangzhou is accelerating construction secondhand house financing supervisory system, predict this week can have a result.

Large intermediary:

Intermediary of big shop sign also should cut down the member of persons employed reduce salary

A few days ago, because the market is small,the hearsay calls Guangzhou big intermediary of a brand fan, already had cut down the member of persons employed half. To this, real estate of Guangzhou Central Plains, all-round victory, combine rich buy line of business when travel of 3 big intermediary is accepting a reporter to interview about the personage, deny the company that is oneself. All-round victory studies Bin of dragon of department inspector general says, industry of near future intermediary does not take newlywed person basically, and some employee are potential because of prices bad, salary is not high, or itself capability is not high, think not to earn money, leave his post by oneself.

But hold post discloses at the personage inside 3 big some course of study, really the month on domestic brand intermediary begins, to branch the director falls " dead task " : If place team cannot complete 50% outstanding achievement, the group leader can take base pay only, cannot take middleman's fee. The regulation of this company is branch the director is to want his to come out to run business, the commission of a lot of people is not taken, reaching the sky of complain of suffering. In addition, average subsidiary bank is 1 ~ 2 groups, but this company subsidiary bank is 3 ~ originally 4 groups of personnel, pass say to cut into parts little set number. Although unapt it is the half cuts down the member of persons employed, but at least 40% is cut into parts. This firm office is original with respect to the month first busier, but busy however last month arrived 30 days, the reason should do matters concerned cutting down the member of persons employed namely.

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