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Differentiate office building

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When we are inspecting an office building, besides attention besides its position, traffic, appearance, the practical efficiency of space of office building plane is the problem that nots allow to ignore.

The economic rate of space of interior of look upon office building, want to treat the external form of office building above all, the interior space that a bit of the appearance changes to be able to affect office building is economic rate. Current, the design of a lot of office building goes after the individuation of the appearance too much, and sacrificed the economic rate of interior space, brought intolerable difficulty to the person that use.

Generally speaking, quadrate or rectangular office building is to had compared those who use, in this respect, the United States goes in front, the office building of new York, Manhadu basically is the appearance of Founder, even if with the Chicago with modern well-known building, its office building also uses the external form of Founder basically. Next, the core tube that makes by the establishment such as elevator, fire control, toilet is in the size in whole plane, and core canister and outside the distance of the wall, deciding space of office building interior is economic rate (freeboard layer is achieved 70% better) . Accordingly, must inspect economic rate from two respects: The first, the economic rate level that project place provides, include the space outside the position of column, column; The 2nd, whether can the auxiliary vacuum that the establishment of form a complete set such as closet, elevator makes satisfy use requirement. Additional, of the equipment such as electric machinery, air conditioning choose, the economic rate of interior to the design until of core canister space has immediate effect.

Set out from use angle, what what economic rate brings about the planar space of office building is planar space decorate efficiency. Office space has the characteristic that is different from average house, by office, conference, corridor 3 areas form interior space form it to use a function, from the point of the angle that is helpful for office is organized and be being used, of office building into it is basic measure greatly with 9 meters normally, otherwise, can bring certain trouble to the person that use.

From knew space of office building plane on the foundation of economic rate, the user should have certain forecast to the use of planar space, with the change of function of office of oneself business affairs, dimensions is being needed in light of the eye of development. In decorating a process, adopt to the space as far as possible break up neatly, should have to the space outside the position of column, column know and use an end clearly. The economic rate of space of office building plane is objective, and the effect that the understanding of the economic rate to planar space and plane decorate often is subjective.

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