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Hire a room not to declare landlord to be punished 500 yuan

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According to news of network of Na Yue's police, in billows of view of Shenzhen city Baoan community of street sweet-scented osmanthus is managed " 10 yuan of inn " Zhang Mou, hire staff information because of sending not actively to newspaper of rented house general administration, fine with 500 yuan and be compelled to rectify and reform by department of public security office.

On August 15 morning, assistance of control stand of sweet-scented osmanthus of place of general management of the rented house that watch billows loosens yuan of police station is right of area under administration " 10 yuan of inn " undertake centralized check punish with the hotel that do not have card. Arrive when check when sweet-scented osmanthus new residential quarter, examination staff discovers 79 5 layer buildings in all 30 rented houses are contracted to manage by Zhang Mou. Zhang Mou did not press a regulation to undertake individual information register to hiring staff temporarily, do not have any understanding to hiring a condition, put in public security hidden trouble. Execute the law personnel reachs Zhang Mou two when hire temporarily doubtful personnel to bring back police station to investigate then. Subsequently, according to relevant code, public security mechanism fines Zhang Mou place with 500 yuan, compel its to undertake rectifying and reform.

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