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Dish bird hires room manual detailed to solve ten million of 7 big potential que

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The near future hires the upsurge of the room to will upsurge gradually, especially student, just gave university school gate, need makes more preparation. So, what hire room experience to lack is broad rent settle or live in a strange places for, what should notice when renting a house? Professional personage thinks, hire a room to 7 big questions not allow to ignore.

False advertisement should notice low

The house that the person that should rent a house sees place is published through the news channel such as newspaper, website hires valence apparent under its when normal market value, be about special attention. Because these false information are certain and illegal intermediary likely for obtain profiteering, a kind of method that is duped with the person that this rents a house for bait diddle.

Rent a house do not try to save a little but lose a lot of anxious to get things on the cheap, charge of commission of expenditure a few entrusts those normal and large house property intermediary to seek a room, what the person that ability assures to rent a house trades finally is quick with safety.

Landlord individual circumstance is checked careful

Bear when leasing a building, the person that rent a house wants check to check to the individual circumstance of landlord careful. When if be him landlord appears personally,the autograph is made an appointment with, had better examine card of its house property and id card; If be help friend rental building, must have the house property card of rental a power of attorney, friend, Id or photocopy so; If house property card did not do, criterion must its issue the contract that buy a house in order to prove its property right.

In addition, encounter to hiring the likelihood when the room " sublessor " problem, the person that rent a house should identify this " sublessor " whether is there authority general during its are rented this building relet, let its produce the contract that rent and the proof of relevant property right that offer this house, lest pose legal issue.

The home appliance inside house of check the amount, furniture

The person that rent a house is in bear when leasing a building must establishment of interior of fine house of check the amount, wait like home appliance, furniture, the whole level of the moving circumstance that and seeing the check when the room looks up home appliance, furniture, include detailed account its one by one next inside. If appear,had better make clear the upkeep costs when breakdown is assumed by who, after it may not be a bad idea absolves the person that rent a house to be in, electric home appliances

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