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Why to advocate hire a room to cannot get common people to answer

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The reporter thinks innocently also previously, in house price the premise of tall look forward to falls, compatriots should change consumptive intention, can not afford a house to might as well hire a room to live, mix even governmental official a lot of expert scholars also so proposal, have " the house lives " must not have certainly " house property " .
Advocate rent a house and do not do not have a truth certainly, but this truth is apart from reality however too far, if we cut cogent and on-the-spot development to understand a situation actually, is not assume sth as a matter of course or horse race sightseeing is like ground meaning, the idea like the moon in putting forward those water won't simply. Those carry the person of the proposal, it is difficult that the hardship that does not know common people actually is mixed, do not know the unreliability of the person that hires a room and queasy feeling especially, those people did not live without the house, and it is to live very roomily very satisfied, spoken parts in an opera, that makes standing to talk not the waist aches.
Here has a very vivid case, speak out, everybody can understand why to be willing to hire the reason of the room below the circumstance that people is not be forced to do. A friend still calculates have a decent job, although do not seem a farmer,labour works hard that kind and low firewood, also be the outcast that lives randomly like urban passing traveller however, hired want to buy a room to cannot be entered however door, rent a house, perhaps be destiny not good, also be 3 fold: What the building that leases signs according to the convention is contract of a year, when one year time just was preparing to negotiate add to sign the contract that rent a house with landlord completely, landlord says the house had sold however, he must seek order sb to do sth within a certain time again immediately the house is hired. Hire afresh, can a lot of is inferior to the place of meaning, for instance environment, traffic, hire do not say, the process of the charge that moves namely, do sth over and over again also lets person hard to bear. Although landlord does not sell a house, add signs a contract he wants to go up hire, you also must be forced to accept, it is OK to be not accepted, oneself are hired again afresh, the house may not that hires newly compares present petty gain, and still can encounter similar lots and lots of sequela of before one kind of circumstance. Below the circumstance of the law of the person that renting a house without any protection at present and regulation, say a bit badlier, the person that hires a room holds the post of slaughtered kid namely actually. This friend can'ts help giving out deep feeling: He year if I am Hunan king, do not love fine waist to love a moon. He says, I am mixed so that the room does not have nowadays, the ground does not have one ridge, it is be ashamed at seeing Jiang Dong elders of a country or district, not be to follow suit hold weak power, some day father developed, also do not buy what bird house, bad also world of fine waist damage, live to the moon, him him dictate. This is creed of typical contemporary A Q, ego is joking just, do not have any positive effect. But peep one spot and see whole picture, although be a case,also show a real problem: Hire a room to not allow actually easy, and of the person that hires a room it is to do not have feeling of safe feeling, a home to return to truly really.
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