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Workshop hires contract model

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The basis concerns legal laws and regulations, both sides reachs following clauses consistently via talking things over, abide by in order to offer.

1.The workshop that rent
Rental the workshop that just will be located in __________________ or storehouse (the following abbreviation rents content) rent at bear hire just use. Area of the content that rent is _________ square metre about.
The function of this content that rent is _____________ , v/arc rent land or a house for subletting gives bear hire just use. Be like bear hire just need change to use a function, beard classics is rental square written agree, the whole procedure that needs to deal with because of change function place by bear hire what just press a government to be declared about the regulation, the total cost that because the change makes,should pay with functional place by bear hire square proper motion to assume.
This content that rent takes the kind of v/arc rent land or a house for subletting, by bear hire a proper motion management.

2.The deadline that rent
The deadline that rent is ___ year, namely from _____ year _____ comes since day of ___ month ___ year day of ___ month ___ stops.
_ of the _ before at the expiration of one's term of office of the deadline that rent the month puts forward, after just agreeing via renting, armour second both sides will rent item sign the contract that rent afresh to concerning. In coequal bear hire a condition to fall, bear hire just have priority.

In this rental contract the sun of become effective rises ___ in a few days, rental just press the content that rent current situation consign bear hire just use, and bear hire the current situation that just agrees to press the content that rent and establishment bear hire. The form that the both sides when consign accepts the order with handing in to the state of infrastructure signs affirm, can add a picture. Of bisect period consign, have sex in installment affirm.

4, the cost that rent
The 4.1 bail that rent
The renting bail of this rental contract heads the ___ of lunar hire times, namely RMB _______ yuan (great: _______ ) .
4.2 hire
Hire is _________ of RMB of every months of every square metre the 1st year to the 2nd year yuan.
4.3 property administration fee
Property administration fee is ________ of RMB of every months of every square metre yuan.
4.4 power supply increase look cost
The formalities that power supply adds a look by rental just be in charge of applying, the total cost that requires pay because of dealing with power supply to add a look by bear hire just assume.

5, the cost that rent pays
5.1 bear hire before just answering to be signed at this contract, to rental just pay a part to rent bail RMB ______ yuan, the remaining sum of the bail that rent will at day of ___ of day of ___ of _ _ month forward and rental square one-time pay end. At the expiration of one's term of office of the deadline that rent, in bear hire square already to rental just cleared all payable hire, property what because rent behavior place originally,arise administration fee and everything charge, assume by this contract regulation to rental square reassign bear inside day of the ___ after the responsibility that this contract place such as the renting content that hire agrees, rental square will to bear hire square termless return the earnest money that rent.
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