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Of money men and women 9 big collective and idiosyncratic

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[summary] of money men and women 9 greatly collective and idiosyncratic

This is an actual society, this also is the society of a money. Ancestor is early tell us: "Perfect everybody to have, provide timely help is worldly without, do not believe and the wine in seeing feast, cup cup urges wealthy person first " . It is good to have Qian Zhen, but not be risk one's life spells everybody to earn alive, can become moneybags, wealthy old woman certainly, want to become wealthy person, must have some kind of moral quality idiosyncratic, the person that lacks this kind of qualification cannot send money. Is numerous moneybags, wealthy old woman had what kind of idiosyncratic?

1, more the person that Luo Mandi captures, can get rich more

Want to become moneybags, must have very strong profitable desire. And real money, also use contented individual desire. What Luo Mandi overcomes is factitious the dream that realizes life, also was full of fight, this fight is incentive the biggest motivation that he makes money. Because, profiteer only, ability comes true his " fond dream " .

2, moneybags mostly very persnickety, but know almsgiving

The person that has money more heals persnickety, the talent that has earned money knows the difficulty that make money, but they are known certainly measurable " almsgiving " , the important step that because almsgiving also is,makes money.

The person that build up from nothing, wait for certainly oneself is economical, a towel can be used broken, a toilet soap can be ground, but he knows to make money is to rely on everybody to be finished together, accordingly he is happy to be shared with the person absolutely.

3, the man that can get rich, have feminine reason certainly; The woman has man reason

Consider profitable man, the meeting on the body sends out a kind of appeal that says not to come out, they are red-blooded, enthusiastic, brave, modest, these namely the important document of incentive individual profitable desire, have the man of this kind of appeal, changke lets a woman throw oneself into his arms, namely, have get rich the person of the photograph, have feminine reason certainly. And make money strongly libidinal person, be full of enthusiasm every day certainly, look up quite the bosom is precipitant and very modest, need a person polite modesty is civilized, this kind of person gets female reception certainly.

4, become moneybags to rely on courage and insight, become wealthy old woman to rely on glamour

The way that the male and female become rich is not quite same, the male makes money those who lean is assiduous job, red-blooded, be brave in to take a risk. Current society configuration is exquisite public relations, human relation, female tender, considerate, bright beautiful idiosyncratic develop a career more easily than the male instead, get rich more easily become rich, nonexistent men and women is true on bazaar affection, the manageress of corridor of a lot of ballroom, wine, understand this kind of reason very much, deal with profiteers in male guest.

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