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Wen Mo of red of duty field caution and boss too close to

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[summary] Wen Mo of red of duty field caution and boss too work in the same place close to   A Zhen is firm last year apply for the female undergraduate that come in, the person grows very beautifully. Begin to come in time is in technical division, before long, she is moved to the office, when the boss' secretary, became an unit very quickly " bright red person " , often be away on official business with the boss. Did not pass how long, she coming out below illicit is a boss " lover " rumour. This thing does not know how to be passed in the proprietress' ear, the proprietress is troubled by to the unit, result thing is troubled by bubbling with noisely. A Zhen cannot stay in the unit went down, be obliged to resign actively.

Although I and A precious were not handed in greatly, nevertheless, also return some understanding to her. After all she just came in time is in our division. The impression that she gives a person is not only the person grows beautifully, count very purposely also. Like especially and " head head " people cover " close to " . In the division when, the section chief is very good to her impression, often boast she. Before long tone reachs the office, hear she concerns with the director pretty good also. Later, become the boss' secretary, became a boss very quickly " bright red person " . Plainspoken, she also indeed scene spends a period of time. Saying path: "Into also Xiao He, be defeated also Xiao He " . It is right that employee handles good relationship with the boss, nevertheless, must have held to spend, cannot follow a boss too " close to " , with the boss too " close to " , often can draw a lot of idle character broken language, this is meddlesome to him may not. Requirement of A Zhen each field is pretty good, because follow a boss,be too " close to " , result " draw fire against oneself " , the proprietress is troubled by, method was done not have to work in the unit, be obliged to resign person.

Such saying also is not to tell cover with the boss " close to " incorrect, but employee cannot be mixed boss too " close to " . Especially female undergraduate, the distance that follow male boss or keeps certain had better, such, your working ability works longly.

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