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Sell household 2 months I should open a branch!

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Unit of the beginning of the year is stagnant, the consideration wants what to do, brand shop of very beautiful " does not manage Home " that as it happens has one relative to go down, I am received came over, at that time family member very for my be breathless with anxiety or tension. Always think he one undergraduate does not work, can I go, I become aware however in this my comparing he has an advantage: Doing this is the money that earns a woman all right, and it is the money that earns the woman after marriage, to their psychology I am sure than him of course. How does ability let her draw out money, ha. In respect of supply of goods, must defeat sb by a surprise action, the goods of common terminal market is brought not bearer. And the main reason that no less than he is dry going to is the commodity price that increases fierce company too tall, do not sell piece, and I shop to understand a bit to the network, should can use go up, so resolutely receive came over.
The fact proves this method is good. More those who let me want to be less than is to be able to find the alliance that is in now, have the feeling that finds the home really, the person of the same trade that has so much can learn each other, I think not to think the success is difficult, ha, there is one alliance in my city now also looking for me to join in, it is marriage gauze inn, furniture store and home spin inn, think everybody comprises alliance to provide service of one continuous line for the client. Specific details still is in in exchanging views. The hope can receive everybody's proposal, still two indoor stylist also have cooperative intention, to these I still do not have preparation, did not hold in be being operated how win-win of ability mutual benefit. I am additionally special the viewpoint of approve of the leader of an alliance, do as far as possible big, or fast dilate. I want to be done quickly big, should do only big, ability has active right in the market.

My replenish onr's stock channel

What I am in is the city class city under one area class, the area has storefront 20 a few smooth, be in flourishing a sector of an area, year hire 5000 yuan, relative to the city that is in at everybody, should be very cheap, want to be able to sell a dot the thing everyday only so, I do not sustain losses in business. Channel of my replenish onr's stock has 3 kinds at present:

(Company of good from Home " beautiful " enters 1) , his goods does not suit a family to consume more very much, what do those aggrandizement porcelain wine that for instance Readgold says provide, applicable some is too expensive also. Enter commodity price to be controlled with respect to 30 yuan like some photographs casing, then I sell how many fund, is somebody bought? So these I was not entered at all, his Tao Yi was entered some, (after all my inn name is a good beauty, what does must enter then from him, and we such small town, a lot of people are very superstitious of the brand) be " of " big well. Quality is good, very expensive also, I see the total representative that we save later, want to take money then from him, the value that he gives also the petty gain unlike the company.
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