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After eloping with her, I sufferred " judgement "

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[summary] after eloping with her, I sufferred " Nemesis "

Tell about a person: The Dragon Boat Festival

Sexual distinction: Male

The age: 45 years old

Profession: Sick rest

Place: 硚 mouth rented house

To be thankful, she is made with the body

That is a cold winter, a day midday, I am risking snow to walk into station of long-distance passenger transportation, listen suddenly one arrives inside field roaring, someone is crying " send police station to go her " , " box up her detain. " I what regard passenger station as deputy stationmaster am busy before going up, look after all, see a few new men and womens are pushing the emaciated girl with a simple dress only, that girl cries begging, hold the old travelling bag on stop closely single-handed, keep saying to everybody averment she did not steal a mobile phone at the same time, she is treated unjustly.

The girl is taken room of the public security inside pull in, her body quivers, I see her have pity on, sent the heart of compassion to protect her, did not make any processing, let her take off a body. After the event, her on bended knees thanks my saving favour, say she cries emerald green, 19 years old, from another name for Hubei province that small town that the country comes to me to be in on the west works, do not want to there is hand opportunity on long-distance car by pilfer, chalaicha goes, find in her bag actually, her find it hard to vindicate oneself. I introduce her to become a clerk in the hostel inside the station kindly again, she says I am the person with best in the world, repay me certainly in the future.

Did not think of one day emerald green emerald green should make with body photograph to me, that is to be inside her not far from passenger station rented house. She hits my mobile phone to say her body is uncomfortable that day, have a fever a bit, want me to come off work go. I took dot patulin to go in infirmary, see she lies on spring bed partly, of facial Gong Gong, when taking the advantage of me to feel her forehead with the back of hand, her emphatically held in arms me, kiss the face that I am introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad stubble completely actively. Although she and my daughter are general big, but I still am done not have via living her temptation, very actuation very not sensible make use of condition twists the electric lamp inside house destroyed. Afterwards, I take out 2000 yuan of money to make compensation to her, she does not want money, the pay that says her was spent quite, still can return the home. She says she is willing to be together with me, do not ask her why, because she does not say,give what reason to come.

I and she sends irremediable, this thing is discovered by the landlord like emerald green emerald green officious, long-tongued Fu, send my unit, pass in the ear of my wife again before long. Hear textural wants to be divided here, when my post will be not protected, I made a bold decision, the decision is being taken emerald green emerald green elope to go to the other place. I ask her, wish to not be willing to be entered with me swing, ground of her honor permits no turning back replies, be willing. I say, I am old in the future, you are fulfiling one's promise do not be willing to follow me, she says solemnly again, you are so old that cannot move, I also am willing to wait upon you.
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