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Intermediary employee explodes oneself " industry inside " !

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Newspaper reporter assembles each view, with everybody the reader was discussed " intermediary phone faze civilian " problem. Though landed intermediary makes target of public criticism long already, but while citizens are criticizing invective even medium, still be unable to bear or endure should go paying close attention to intermediary people live state and working circumstance.

After all, the landed intermediary that bearing a variety of bad name is affecting the life of a lot of people. Today, make us static issue a heart to listen to a Yu to produce company intermediary light rain somewhere (alias) aspirations. Her tell about, can make citizens more clear to the understanding of intermediary industry.

The threshold is not high opposite fairness
Should agree to do a month to had been entered only 10 thousand

I make light rain, this year 26 years old, hubei person, graduation of the high school 8 years ago goes to Guangzhou later.

At first, I am in factory of a clothing charge for the making of sth. , from early busy to evening, often work overtime on the weekend, the salary of every month also just 700 multivariate. At the beginning when I still feel 700 yuan are held out much, in us native place is medium income. But gradually, the state of mind of my content with one's lot is not maintained, because the consumption level of Guangzhou is very high, 700 yuan of honest classics not rocket. Then, I begin to search change life to expand directional scope alertly everywhere.

A year many later, I took a fancy to intermediary industry. Of this industry from doorsill of course of study not tall, record of formal schooling is not important, the key is ambitious, reaction wants communication ability fast, should have patience. Want to do do, I begin to teach oneself the law of estate respect on one hand, take the advantage of breathing space to go to intermediary company on the other hand offer one's services. The United States that " the greatest salesman " the God that is me, I dream to be able to pass my effort, falling without the record of formal schooling, circumstance that does not have setting, enter in Guangzhou give a world, settle down in Guangzhou buy course of study. Eventually, the intermediary company of a more beautiful area wanted me, two years ago, I find new job again this intermediary company that comes to a Yu.

Come down 6 years, I feel oneself at the outset think of a way is right, intermediary trade is very fair still, more pay for more work, building city is so good now, want to agree to work only, can succeed.

The individual circumstance of a lot of person of the same trades follows my likeness, also expect to come true through this industry " Guangzhou dream " . My current month all salary is controlled in 5000 yuan probably, some of month can get on 10 thousand yuan, some month besides 700 yuan base pay a minute of money does not earn, my income sails upstream in be in in intermediary industry smooth. Have the person of the same trade with some of strong actual strength, month all income can get on 10 thousand yuan. If my make it brushstroke buying and selling, I can carry 20 % from intermediary cost.

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