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The money that conduct financial transactions allowed you 2008 is some busier wh

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Send 2007, we were greeted brand-new 2008. Review 2007, add 6 times breath, the stock market 6000 bits new tall, fund scare buying, the conduct financial transactions that lets common people, consumption appeared to change newly, "Investment conduct financial transactions " one word leaves an innumberable families unprecedentedly so close.
2008, the country placed the adjusting control fundamental key of constrictive credit, put forward 10 years first from tight monetary policy, this as the moneybag that opens wide slowly furl. The personage inside economy employment thinks generally, the RMB can continue to appreciate 2008, the gap of investment breed income such as fund is pulled big, macroscopical adjusting control deepens estate further, monetary policy from close, show futures, Olympic Games will bring different influence, play chess of economy market gain will be more complex.

Heat 1 " raise base "

Inside course of study " look low " fund expects earnings

"2006 is when fund is best, I bought 2 fund casually at that time, the accrual of every fund turns over a;2007 year the income difference of fund is big, how to know to was met 2008? " Miss Wu asks the citizen the reporter.

So of stock fund how much is accrual anticipated this 2008? The view of the personage inside fund industry is at present differ, have say " fund investor wants to earned again 2008 turn over times, that is unlikely. " also have say: "According to fund income should be the 2 times computation that leads by inflation, next year accrual 15% more reasonable. " still professional personage thinks: "Income of fund of predicting next year is made an appointment with double at the dweller the interest income of fixed deposit. "Income of fund of predicting next year is made an appointment with double at the dweller the interest income of fixed deposit..

Comment on the market to adjust accrual differentiation will be apparent

The fund investor that wants to had tasted benefit lowers the anticipation of income of pair of next year fund, still have certain difficulty, because 2006, the income first half of the year is real 2007 it is very tall, should anticipate from 100% much income reduce 10% , 30% , accept hard at a draught.

When the more the market is adjusted, the accrual become divided of fund also can be jumped over serious. So what investor can do is in choosing fund " high-quality goods " , those who realize profit is the biggest change -- how to choose fund company, select which fund product, need investor does a homework well before investment.

Heat points to futures 2 times

Stock market prices is bad to also make money all the same

"Come up against grail to dive later again also won't panicky, no matter be,go up or drop to be able to make money. " shareholder Zhang Zhihua is felt in the stock market climb boil hit more than 10 years, he is looking forward to 2008 show futures can be pushed.

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