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The Singapore that become dragon 60 million buy hundred years building to plan t

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Have a special liking to Singapore property all along into dragon, last year more not hesitate spent 11 million Singapore yuan () of about 59.5 million HK dollar, buy local Buddhist nun road an architecture of a hundred years history. This 3 layer buildings were built 1903, predecessor is bureau of a two-wheeled vehicle drawn by man, underground sets odeum now, the plan that become dragon is added set piano bar, plantar massage center or office building.
Into dragon old to this building fondles admiringly, the decision buys it, every square 呎 makes work 818 Singapore yuan () of about 4430 HK dollar. The broker that is in charge of this buying and selling thinks today second trading is a good price, because here is general,every square 呎 wants berth 1000 Singapore yuan () of about 5410 HK dollar. This broker itself also is in charge of managing odeum and many bar to feed four, include a coffee room that names with becoming dragon.
Antedate into dragon 1996 with 8.8 million Singapore yuan () of about 47.6 million HK dollar, bought TanjongPagar way the public place of entertainment of a 50 time, it and today second the Buddhist nun road a mutual reflect.

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