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The successful secret Ji of dress shop: New money takes frequent visitor ceasele

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The person of deal of each first time should remember, sober place treats management condition, do not want blind replenish onr's stock, also do not want replenish onr's stock too much, do not want keep long in stock too much goods lets him was not handled hard.

"As businessmen, I am too good. But unique advantage, it is client degree of belief a lot of taller. " book graceful says seriously. In some square, the small shop of book graceful is not most of flourishing, but it is the honestest likely. Because, the client of square group it is fixed, if want to open a scope of operation of own inn, do not carry high price and often change Chang Xin, just be the mainest purpose that does tide business.

First time is muddleheaded replenish onr's stock pays out of own pocket greatly

Book graceful began to desertion in January from this year the job of firewood of a 229 January, total heart is thrown in this small shop, at the beginning lad is done take file. Remember still do not understand any " knack of doing business " when, two people are blind and enthusiastic act, she feels first-rate to laugh.

Take money for the first time, they run to the factory making the clothing of Dongguan. See large costume terminal market for the first time, they simply fanaticism rose, wild land buys the clothes that he likes, and each should take on 3 above; When buying shoe, because one buys 35 39 shoe prices to compare neat petty gain, they with respect to assume sth as a matter of course, have the person that wears code and 39 35 shoe for certain, then each take neat yardage. Because produce a brand of Dongguan oneself,compare expensive, a trade price 50 yuan dress, need 30 yuan to be able to be bought only probably in Guangzhou.

But the book graceful that did not know the market completely and take file, be bungled with great quantity issued on 10 thousand yuan. This can say is the first time failure that they suffer, till today, still have sell the clothes that does not go out, still code and 35 39 shoe accumulate money, not only make circulating fund is frozen, still took the place in inn.

Now, book graceful understood, buy the clothes, can wash good money euqally over the terminal market of Guangzhou and manufacturer, but one-time buy the dress that be the same as a paragraph to cannot exceed 3; Of shoe most yardage of in a popular style is 36, 37, other yardage, as far as possible little replenish onr's stock, would rather stick bit of money to give jobber more. Additional, do not raise ongoing money, if winter dress will be entered in December,be the most foolish, because cost is highest; If be in replenish onr's stock of month of just a little, appropriate of at somebody's convenience is much.

Arrived in June, exit because of what take file, book graceful is forced a person carries the business that has whole store. At the beginning because she likes flannelette fair young animal and placed a few in inn, did not think of a lot of frequent visitor looked to like very much, say to be bought very hard in other store, every time the fair young in inn " sweep light " . Then book graceful puts focus gradually sell fair young to go up.
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