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The car is exhibited on Munchausen should buy a person

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According to " legal morning paper " the report is mine at the same time difficult divest again and again the collier's life, it is mine however at the same time advocate people buy luxurious car wildly... two of boss of the closest mine " with great quantity " by exposure: The young lady of carry out car that the Munchausen of boss of mine of a few nonferrous metal that comes from Liaoning to visit mining area of collect of steel of calabash island city wants a Beijing takes even the person the car to be bought together; The car of Beijing business affairs that kicks off recently is exhibited on, shanxi coal boss starts rush to purchase again luxurious car agitation.

The car is exhibited on Munchausen should buy a person

Last year, car that is in Beijing is exhibited on, the car is exhibited undertook to just exhibit in all the Laosilaisi that 10 unit price are 8 million yuan of above. A few nonferrous metal mine that come from steel collect advocate be about to buy 8, and it is cash is bought. As a result of buyer its appearance not raise, young lady of carry out car reminds: "This car is very costly, average person can be not canned afford. " mine advocate people was irritated, on the spot say: "Never mention it car, you say, how many money are you worth? We buy even you together. We buy even you together..

After the event, these mine advocate people became local government close " attention " object. Subsequently, duty Wu branch had check to them, the outcome is major mine advocate be found out because of evade taxes, evade taxation legal responsibility, up-to-date, the major mine of this ground still is rectified at stop production in.

Scare buying of car of 80 a person of extraordinary powers one sky

The group buys boss of afterwards Shanxi coal after 20 bold horse, shanxi coal boss moved again recently, exhibit " heroic spirit " . This year on September 19, car of Beijing business affairs exhibits work off 80 luxurious cars, include a car to exhibit the world-class name that undertakes to just regard two value of fascia goods as 6 million yuan of above among them Che Shijue and stride Bach. Buyer all is Shanxi coal boss, and it is to pay instantly, leave directly.

Listen put firecracker to hit shiver

Be opposite in everybody Shanxi coal bosses " luxurious car leaves from the collier's ashes of the dead piece " in oppugning sound, boss of a coal buys luxurious car madly to oneself to also have his explanation, "I am special now fear bell of late electrify word is noisy, the year before last year goes Xi'an talks about the business, chat with a friend in guesthouse in the middle of the night, receive a phone suddenly to said to have an accident in mine, that year of compensate 300 much. Hear now put firecracker to hit shiver, average person does not can bear the sort of psychology pressure. I everyday so great pressure, car of a few BMW to buy to leave to also do not calculate luxury? " (origin: Net of chaste tree Hunan - Chu Tianjin signs up for)
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