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Story: Why are we always less than people money?

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Why are we always less than people money? (first story)

A hunting dog drove a nest out of bunny, chase him all the time, chased after very long still did not catch. Shepherd sees this kind of circumstance, laugh at a hunting dog to say " you are two between small run quickly instead much. "Hunting dog answer says: "You do not know us two running is completely different! I run for a meal merely, he is for life however and run! "


This word was heard by the hunter, the hunter thinks: Archives enmity bandit mu garden? then I want to get more prey, must think a good way. Then, the hunter buys a few hunting dogs again, always can catch bunny in hunt, can get a few bone, do not catch eat without the meal. This one action as expected useful, hunting dog people go hard chasing after bunny in succession, because everybody is willing to look at others to bone eats, eat from what already did not have. Spent period of time so, the problem appeared again. Big bunny is caught very hard, small bunny is good catch. But the reward that holds big bunny to get and the bone that hold small bunny to get are about the same, hunting dog people be good at observation, discovered this doohickey, go technically catching small bunny. Slowly, everybody discovered this doohickey. The hunter says to the hunting dog: Does  of a kind of net used for fishing or for dredging up river sludge n/HON be unworthy of the honor to fall in person be able to bear or endure does rice glair chew a clump to call × ? why? Hunting dog people say: Is Xing of collect  brandish cut into parts why to achieve? of Shan that  to expend so large interest to catch those big?


After hunter course thinks, the decision will not share the amount of bone and whether to catch bunny couple, use every to spend period of time however, with respect to statistic the hunting dog holds the gross weight of bunny. Will evaluate a hunting dog according to weight, decide the pay inside period of time. Then hunting dog people the amount that holds bunny and weight increased. The hunter is very happy.

But spent period of time, hunter discovery, hunting dog people the amount that holds bunny little, and the hunting dog that has experience more, what the amount that holds bunny drops is more terrible. Then the hunter asks a hunting dog again. The hunting dog says " we dedicate best time to you, master, but we are met as the elapse of time old, when we do not catch bunny, can you still eat to our bone? "

Long-term bone

The hunter made the decision of award people according to their contributions. Analysis and collect the amount that all hunting dogs hold bunny and weight, after the rabbit that if be caught,sets exceeded certain amount, although do not catch bunny, every meal also can get a certain quantity of bone. Hunting dog people very glad, everybody achieves the measure that the hunter provides hard. After period of time passes, eventually a few hunting dogs achieved the measure that the hunter provides. At this moment, among them a hunting dog says: ? of  of magnetism of cheek admire pay gets a few bone only, and the prey that we catch exceeded these a few bone far. Why cannot we catch bunny to oneself? "Then, some hunting dogs left a hunter, oneself catch bunny.
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