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You must want to think: Duty field sells him namely

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Although the name is written, is not very Orphean, but I feel so namely really

How can a product just be what sell in market competition is good, you must want to think: Find out its advantage, find out oneself position.

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My university graduated 2000, my classmate and my friend includes me to having intense hope to oneself------Graduation that year we just had opened anniversary of the founding of a school, those our already successful alumnus and we say: Although our university is not top-ranking, but, our graduate, in south for instance Guangzhou, shenzhen, however very the close narrow one's eyes of unit of benefit from person. So my classmate includes my friend to come home besides one part, the others went to Guangzhou Shenzhen for the most part, i...

I think to be in Guangzhou Shenzhen is talent many, guangzhou and Shenzhen are a doctoral student not only, the graduate student's heaven, still have 10 every year the afflux of about a hundred this year's graduates of 10 thousand, I think, if I went to Guangzhou, shenzhen, what do I calculate? !

I want to go presumably, I or plan stay, work in Nanchang!

Main reason is:

One, I am in Guangzhou Shenzhen, seek the seat that is less than oneself

2: Nanchang lags behind quite relatively, talent competition is relatively little much

3, the teacher that leaves me is closer, the difficult problem that what cannot solve by experience and wisdom is encountered on the job, it is easy to consult theoretic knowledge to compare to the teacher

Then I seek a pretty good unit in Nanchang, become its clerk first, and the business manager that one oneself ability accomplished it very quickly, it is district director next, to general manager, my duty field spans, did not exceed 2 years, by is me it is the position that the eye that uses the market will come to search his. Want to know oneself above all, sum up oneself, forecast next, what can I bring for the enterprise! I have what advantage, having is an advantage!