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Sell wine the fortune dream of a lone woman

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Every arrive 67 month, sika begins to become unusually sensitive and alert, what diffuse in cervine field is a kind cannot the horrible mood that character says, the season that because collect,receives pilose antler arrived.

Reporter: "Is this anaesthetic? "Is this anaesthetic??

Dong Shanjun of chief of cervine field technology: "This curiums fine and soft is used, pour Lu Ma, need not does anaesthetic go? Need not anaesthetic is not caught, 78 your boys also are not caught. 78 your boys also are not caught..

Reporter: "Was hit? "Was hit??

Dong Shanjun: "Be hit. "Be hit..

Reporter: "A few to hit in the morning? "A few to hit in the morning??

Dong Shanjun: "Hit 4, that wait for reaction, wait for its reaction to come over, can curium fine and soft. Can curium fine and soft..

Wu Lihua: "Resemble this part of this top, cut piece hind belong to candle piece, resemble this, the general candle that can cut 2 to go to 3 piece, and this contains collagen protein particularly much, this candle piece if selling, one kilogram is 120 thousand yuan. One kilogram is 120 thousand yuan..

Fall off to pledge to chief finished product from cervine tray pretty good pilose antler, need the 45 time of the day about, collect before receiving pilose antler to want to be driven in morning sun to come out commonly, such cut are affected not easily, in the sky add an abdomen to use narcotic, affect minimum to cervine body.

At present, there are 180 sikas to need to be collected in succession in cervine field of Wu Lihua receive pilose antler, if maturity overdoes, the character of pilose antler can drop, this paragraph of time she not dare a bit laches, to her results just just begins.

Wu Lihua: "Because Qie of my gentleman Yang Zheng is billionaire so, become penniless between one night, so he places its hope on the wine of cervine product, think stage a comeback. Think stage a comeback..

Sun Shiwen of director of bureau of Heibei abundant peaceful metallurgy: "Yang Zheng Qie is a traditional Chinese medical science, it has another a secret recipe, I had seen him this secret recipe, we also does not know him this thing. The family raises a deer in abundant peaceful development, want to use this secret recipe, did not use in Feng Ning finally. Did not use in Feng Ning finally..

Dong Shanjun: "As to this secret recipe, how match, a few kinds of recipes, I follow Yang Zheng Mr Qie 78 years to also do not know, why to know, because of secret recipe, it is a secret, he won't tell average person, yes? Who to tell, everybody can make money, the secret recipe him also with respect to spirit away. The secret recipe him also with respect to spirit away..
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