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Story: Manson allegory and handler target

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What is management by objectives?

This allegory is such: The individual passes a construction site, ask the manson over there people what doing? 3 manson have 3 different answers.

The first manson replies: "I am doing the thing that raises the home to paper a mouth, the meal that mix a mouth has. "

The 2nd manson replies: "I am doing the best manson work. "

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The 3rd manson replies: "I am building a church. "

If we are used " ego expects " , " ego is inspired " and " ego develops " 3 index will measure these 3 manson, we can discover the ego expectation cost of the first manson is too low, on on-the-job field, this person lacks the power of the consciousness that ego inspires and ego development. The ego expectation value of the 2nd manson is exorbitant, in the group, this person is probable be stand to go alone especially, " laugh be proud all corners of the country " the character of type. The target of the 3rd manson talent is real with be identical of height of project goal, group goal, his ego inspires apiration and ego development behavior to just be met the resultant force that forms harmony with the pursuit that organizes a target.

Deluke of administrative Great Master ever said: "Management by objectives changed handler to supervised the traditional pattern that affiliated to a ministry works in the past, those who replace is director and affiliated to a ministry negotiate specific working target jointly, establish performance to measure a level beforehand, and let go let affiliated to a ministry hard reach established goal. This kind of both sides negotiates a performance that each other approve to measure standard mode, natural meeting forms management by objectives and ego control.

Chinese enterprise has a kind of very bad tendency, they think to run it seems that, MBO, flow recombines, ERP, CRM just is advanced administrative pattern etc, and value engineering, management by objectives is already backward. In fact, want an enterprise to had not changed the property that its gain organizes only, management by objectives manages one of resorts with respect to the validdest basis in remaining business management of enterprise, it is the main content that handler skill promotes.

The core of management by objectives is, build the cause system inside an enterprise, faculty eachs doing his own job, each use up its can, advance those who organize a target to reach. In the cause system of an enterprise, the target of general manager, target of sectional manager, target of workshop director, it is each are not identical, but their target is mixed be closely bound up of enterprise whole target. The implementation of enterprise whole target, hang on is departmental the successful implementation of door target.
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